ATC Strip Issue

Hello Community,

during my ATC Session on the Expert Server I discovered an issue that made it impossible for me to communicate with the pilot. There was no way to response or give him instructions. During a busy session is this the last thing that you want .
I uploaded a video where I caught this moment

The pilot disappears white on the screen … you can‘t give him instructions over the ATC Strip interface neither over “other messages“ .
After he left the runway and changed to ground frequency everything was working again .
I restarted the device before my session

Device: iPad Pro12,9 4th generation
Operating system: iPadOS15.7.1

Hello, I experienced the same issue when controlling MMMX GTS yesterday. I simply couldn’t speak to the pilots. I had to disconnect 3 times until it finally worked. The ground controller had to disconnect as well because he wasn’t able to speak to the pilots either

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Hello, the fix I have found to this is to remove their Flight Progress Strip from the list by swiping right on it, then clicking on the aircraft’s icon again. This will change it back to blue and allow you to message them again.

Same thing on training.

I had this happen to me on the pilots side - ATC told the plane behind me in the queue to takeoff (when he couldn’t because I was in front of him)…

So you mean … swipe right even when there isn’t a flight stripe from this plane ?

If the aircraft is on your frequency, the flight progress strip should be on the screen. If not, then that’s a whole different issue than what I’m thinking of.

The issue I have is that I can’t open up the menu from the progress strip

I have both … the plane is on your freq when you check “information “
But you can’t onguard it … if you want to give a command … there is no Flight Strip … if you tap on the plane and want to open „other messages “ … it doesn’t work . As you see it on the video

Oh yes, also used to had this in one or my past sessions… quite annoying tbh

If I’m not mistaken, it’s possible that’s probably the pilot’s network connection. I would just treat them as NORDO and let them land, though if necessary, disconnect for unable to communicate. It’s quite annoying though when it does happen

That probably happened because you just weren’t visible at all on the ATC’s screen (like it just not being there) due to the overall server issues if it was busy (or your network issues, but if you think your network was fine, it was probably the server), meaning they thought that was the first plane in line. Unfortunately when it’s really busy too many planes are flickering, makes it a lot less fun to control. Hopefully the issue will be mitigated when the expert server infrastructure gets overhauled.

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