ATC stays selected


I love using ATC, but I notice that sometimes if I have been Ground controller, and then leave for 20-30 min, come back and there is someone else on Ground; therefore I decided to operate Departures, Ground is still selected, and I can’t unselect it; and I don’t necessarily want to hear what Ground is saying when operating Departures.

Any help with deselecting the frequency.


Hello, unfortunately this is a known issue I believe and is being worked on. To manually unselect the frequency, go to any other airport, select a frequency there, hit “ok” and it should reset it on the original airport you are trying to use. Then all you have to do is go back to the original airport, and select the frequencies you were trying take.


Hopefully that makes sense. Giving directions isn’t my forte 😂

Yes, thank you. I did that right after I created this topic for some reason and it worked. So great. Thanks for the help.

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