ATC Station Selection Bug!

Hello all!
I would like to make the appropriate people aware that there is a bug allowing Advanced Controllers to control any airport they wish without being the appropriate level. This is of course a concern because Controllers could cause chaos at busy, multi-runway airports and could somewhat downgrade the quality of service pilots expect.

How it works:
Like when you select A Region, Airport and Aircraft on one server, if you switch to another it automatically selects the same options for you without you having to do it again. But this applies to ATC! If you select a station on the playground server, and you switch to the Advanced Server it automatically puts you on the same station. However, Because you do not manually have to do this you aren’t restricted from stations that are above your level!

I have tried to time telling people this so that there is still time to fix it before the next update, but not too much time for people to take advantage of it!


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