ATC start screen - more airport info

See picture below; in order for me as ATC to decide which airport to open, I would like to know (1) where this airport is located in relation to other (open airports) and (2) what class airport I am opening.

Perhaps this ATC screen could be ‘improved’ to provide this information.


I would that to apply to pilots so if you want to fly from a non-towered port to a towered one quickly, you could use it see what airport is best…

I second the idea that this be expanded to pilots. It would be nice if the pilots airport selection map, indicated which airports were already open.

In addition, some way to get an idea of distances. Maybe a distance legend at the bottom of the screen. That way you could make sure you’re not spawning a few miles from your intended destination.


This post was made four years ago…


I realize that, but it’s still valid.

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I’ll see if I can free up a vote for this.

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