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Hello good morning, today I made a flight from the city of Mumbai (VABB) to Newark (KEWR)In expert server, when I am in Boston I connect to the Boston Center and they tell me “ Amend flight plan to include ATC preferred STAR at destination” I’d like to know what that means.

If you click on the airport you will see the D-ATIS. From there you can see what the recommended procedures are. These should be chosen by pilot to aid traffic and ATC.

I didn’t understand

Due to the FNF there are set procedures in place. This means you should only use STARS that ATC wants you to use. You need to ensure you use one of these that are required.

When you fly in to an airport, you will likely using a thing called STAR. This is a Standard Terminal Arrival Route and is a track that aircraft follow to safely arrive in busy airspace.

In this command, ATC have asked you to amend your flight plan to include a specific STAR. These are outlined in the ATIS of the arrival airport. You can also find them in the procedure list for the airport. The required ones will have (ATC preferred) next to them.

When asked to do this, you must add a required STAR to your flight plan so you can arrive into the airport.

You can find out more about STARs on our User Guide!


Ok ok, thanks very much!!

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