ATC Speed restrictions - help!

Have been flying and ATC on Infinite Flight on and off.
When flying on the pre-eminent server have noted that sometimes speed restrictions can be enumerated ie: reduce speed to 200 kts etc. However when I ATC on the same server I can only commad ‘slowest practical speed’. Why is this?
When operating Approach, it is vital that an ATC has command of speed. For example when 16 Rwys are operational at YSSY, there is a near 180 degree turn required for northbound traffic to intercept the localiser. Most pilots are still at >> 200 kts and will always overshoot the .

Only radar facilities such as Approach, Departure & Center can give commands specified to a certain speed. You’ve probably only tested on Tower?


Not much fun trying to be ATC or pilot in this instance.

Maintain speed is where you’ll find it.

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ok - thanks. Will look harder at the available commands .
Would be great if we could practice the drop down lists at leisure rather than on the fly!

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There are standards when it comes to issuing speed commands. They should only be used when necessary to separate and maintain the flow of traffic.

Break it down when vectoring. Downwind, base, final. Don’t overextend yourself with ridiculous turn requests for the prep to join the localizer.


Thank you! very much

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any pilot worth their salt will have a good idea of the correct speed to be for a certain distance out from airport. BY 12nm out should aim to be about 150-170kts / 3000 ft and close to be in fully config for landing.

What do you mean by this? A localizer intercept will in most cases be < 30 degrees

You shouldn’t be turning aircraft from the downwind (from what I can tell, you have then flying due north 000 / 360 degrees) almost 180 degrees to intercept the YSSY 16 localisers at 155 degrees?

For 16R approaches, Try vectoring them for a wider downwind at 335 degrees, just slightly west of YBSK (Bankstown, I think I got the code right). Then, vector to a 70 degree base, then an early further right hand turn to either 125 or 135 degrees to intercept the 16R localiser. That gives aircraft a 20-30 degree intercept angle as it always should be. Also remember, you can intercept before the red cone to give yourself and the aircraft more space. The localiser centreline / glidepath entends for an unlimited distance in IF

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Eh you can do whatever your comfortable with. I hardly ever give the base turn anymore, it’s 150 deg straight from the downwind until intercept just make sure you have the room to do it. One less vector i have to give and one less plane I have to watch.

From his post though, he’s obviously not comfortable with it, that’s why I offered him that advice, which is also the basic real world vectors that you get at YSSY.

Toss out that conception. “Real world” does not translate well to certain scenarios in IF. Once SIDs and STARs and all that crap are viable and can be followed by everyone, then the point can be considered.

We all have different methods of controlling and vectoring planes. Whatever doesn’t cause a loss of separation or forces an unreasonable maneuver to execute is fair game.

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Again, to my point, and his post, he is having dramas with getting aircraft into the localiser without them overshooting.

The advice I gave, whilst also being real world as I claimed, was only a secondary point. The point was trying to make, was try to not vector them from downwind straight into the localiser intercept. That’s a 155 degree turn that is hard to judge in IF as, especially as speeds such as 200 knots IAS, takes a very wide arc.

REal world or not, I don’t care. I’ve given up on ATC giving real world style approaches and vectors on IF. No gripe to ATC, it’s virtually impossible once the traffic builds up, I get that. My emphasis was meant to solely be some advice that may make controlling easier to handle, that is, widen the pattern, vector a base leg, then you can vector an ‘easier to judge’ intercept vector that should help prevent people overshooting, regardless of their speeds

The title of his thread also says ‘HELP’… exactly why I responded with some advice…

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