ATC speaking to Pilots with their own voice

i was wondering if ATC could speak to the pilots which is much easier and faster with some sort of Radio connections to a specific airport

Some people can swear, abusement can be possible. I would like to support but thats social sciences :) someone can mess.


Simply put, Vocal ATC in-game could increase the threat of trolling. However, there are some organizations that offer voice ATC via Zello or Discord. By the way, I believe this may be the pre-existing request here:


I’m sure there is an existing request for this. There’s also reasons why it hasn’t yet been added. Trolls would be a significant issue with this.


a couple of developer streams ago at the very end of the stream they mentioned that they will not be implementing this due to low maturity, not everyone has experience, cussing, and a lot of things in that area so it wont be happening to my knowledge. which sucks :/

Hey there mate, it’s such a good request, but it have been discussed many times , check this, here is the reason of why this would be really difficult:

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