ATC Spamming


Why I am reporting this ATC

I am reporting this Ground ATC on a training server, because he kept sending me on-guard warnings, even though I was instructed to contact Tower. So, I switched back, but he started spamming “Taxi to Runway 34R”

The ATC’s name is “ATC real IFAC”

Where was this at?
This happened at KSEA, last night around 8:45pm EST.

Thank you for reading this report.

Kind Regards,

If this happened on Training Server, there is nothing stopping controllers from trolling in this way.

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Okay, thanks for informing me that.

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This is definitely a troll on training server, as there is no IFATC with this display name… Unfortunately there is nothing you can do at this point and it’s likely this particular ATC isn’t even on the forum, sorry.


Your better off sending this to a mod It’s funny because he can’t even spell Ifatc properly

Lol, that made me chuckle too.

I’ve encountered this ATC guy before.

Cleared me for take off, and then spammed me with “wait for clearance” over and over when I took off. He was spamming me as well with on guard messages well after I was out of the airspace and at cruising altitude .

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I wanna go find him and never turn to his freq and just sit on the runway 🤣


Gotta love KLAX after the new update.


Lol, talk about it. It’s even worse when there is an ATC that doesn’t know what to do. I got stuck on the taxiway, with literally 20 some other aircraft, waiting for takeoff clearance.

So, yeah… I feel your pain.

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