ATC Spamming YSSY

I am currently flying an approach into YSSY, I am in contact with YSSY Approach but YSSY tower keeps spamming me to contact them.

Tower is Captain Nathan
Approach is Frostgaming 53

What can I do?

First question…training server or expert?

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Unfortunately, this is just the harsh reality of the Training Server. Try flying on the Expert Server for a more professional experience with air traffic control. This problem is occurring due to the fact that the tower controler is failing to realize that you are currently tuned into the approach frequency making the tower controller assume that you are not connected to an active frequency. You can always make an effort in contacting the air traffic controlers in question via private message on the Infinite Flight Community instead of creating a whole topic about it.

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Sorry, Training.

Not at expert yet sadly

I hate it when they do that but you’re flying to a different airport or you can’t contact them because the airport is too far away. It would be good if controllers actually looked to see if you were contacting another controller.

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That happened as well, I just took off from YSCB and YSSY tower and ground were contacting me

Yeah it gets annoying

Sure does, I can’t wait to fly on the expert server

It’s the training server, nothing can be done

I moved the category if you don’t mind ;)

Me too, I hate it when they spammed me. I still remember when I was taxiing in KSFO, an Approach controller spammed me. It gets really annoying :/. I think there’s should be a limit of the using of that reminder

Btw, if you are flying at TS1 really often, I’m sure you will reach Grade 3 in no time and you can enter Expert server ;)

@CptNathanHope…looks like someone is in trouble

im just joking lol

There’s not much you can really do when it’s on the Training Server. Work your way up to Expert so you can be controlled by people who are tested and know what they’re doing.

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Keep an eye out for events on TS1 to get experience working with good ATC, at least it should be relatively good ATC. Otherwise stick to unpopulated regions. Trolls hate an empty audience.

Fly expert for a realistic experience.