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Good evening, I am new on this forum, not sure exactly where should I post or if the subject was discussed before, but I have a small problem. If this existed before or I didn’t post in the right category, feel free to delete or move the topic. No problem. Thank you.

So, I recently bought the simulator and I bought the live version as well for one month to try it. Everything is excellent, I am glad that I found Infinite Flight and I can say it’s a very nice experience. Except one thing, the ATC volume it’s not working. I tried to restart the game, still not working. Restarting the phone, not working. I want to mention that I play only Training Server for now, until I reach level 3. I was thinking that maybe it’s only on this server. I can see ATC comentary at the top of the screen but no sound. In my settings the volume it’s on full. The reason I am posting this is because I would really love to hear the sound as well, it will be more realistic in this way. And this is what I’m looking for. Realism. This is why I also payed for the simulator and I don’t regret it at all.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I hope you can help me to fix this. The rest it’s perfect, I love it. Thank you one more time in advance ! By the way, my english is not perfect, I apologize.

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Have you tried reinstalling the app? Can you also ensure you have volume’s up in settings? And that you have the volume set properly?


This is usually caused by TTS (text-to-speech) being off or set to anything but English in your device. It’s usually located under Settings —> Accessibility (or similar)

Chief305, yes I did. Wasn’t working.

Schyllberg, you were right ! It’s working now. Thank you very much. You’re the best.

So guys, for others with this problem, the solution is: go to Settings (phone settings) -> Accessibility -> TTS (text to speech) and download the language you want to hear.

You can choose the voice you hear to be a woman’s voice or a man’s voice. You can also change the rate of speaking (how fast or how slow) and the tone. It’s great. Enjoy.


Great to hear. And great description, bookmarking that!
Sometimes i just love myself.

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