ATC sound problem

Hey here.
My problem is that, with the full audio set in parameters and on my device with the sound volume MAX, I can hear the simulator sound but not the ATC communications. I can see them but no hear them. Is there anybody here that has the same problem?

Hey, this happens to me when I receive a call or notification. Have you gotten one of them?

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No, even if I don’t have them it doesn’t works, and this problem persist always for every flight or control session

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What device are you on? What have you done to try to fix it? Reboot? Reinstall?

I’m on Huawei Psmart 2019 version. I tried to restart my device, and if it is really necessary I will try to ré install the app

Can you go to settings / accessibility / text to speech output

See what it has listed as the engine. You may have installed something that overwrote the tts engine. See if you can select the Google tts engine.

You can also see what voices show in the infinite light settings as to see if there is a tts issue.

Same happens to me from time to time, there are simpy no voices shown in the settings. Restarting your flight/ device fixes the problem for me.

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Yep same but I just continue the flight without ATC makes you have to be their for ATC instructions which is the worst part

I cant find an accessibility place in settings

And I re installed IF but the problem persist

It’s apparently Settings / System / Accessibility / Text to speech output on that device. Check there.

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I don’t know if this is the exact same problem but for me, the communication sound cuts out for all other users (including ATC) but I can still hear my “pilot’s” voice.

@schyllberg all seems to be correct here

It is well by google

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