ATC Sound Problem

GoodDay Everyone. I’m having problems with my ATC Sounds When I spawn in I can’t here ATC’s Sound only my Aircraft Sound how do I resolve this problem

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Are you online at an active field? What device are you using?

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Try restarting apps and closing all other apps before launching the game. Avoid opening other apps while playing as that will also cause this issue. If the issue persists you could try deleting and re installing the app.

EDIT: check in game settings to make sure the sound is on for ATC

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Have you tried turning up the volume in IF settings? Usually there is a problem when you exit the game and come back, the atc voice is gone but I think thats iOS

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@Brandon_Sandstrom I’m in KLAX TS1 Unicom and Using Iphone SE

Make sure the switch on the side that turns the ringer off has he ringer turned on. That’s usually the cause

Yes its on @Brandon_Sandstrom

When you are on a Unicom FX, there won’t be active ATC at that location.

Ensure you go into settings, audio, and move the ATC slider right to turn up ATC volume.

I left the IF app and changed to Slack and when I came back to IF the Sound was muted @GhostDaGhost

There we go, usually restarting IF helps. That is a minor glitch right now.

But I usually do it and it doesn’t do that @GhostDaGhost

As @GhostDaGhost said, it’s a known issue with Siri. Not much more to say really. Restart everything and you’ll be good. Multitasking with IF is not recommended.


This has happened to me before… it usually happens when I switch apps or click on a notification. Double-Pressing the home button and clearing all your apps (restarting IF) always works for me.