ATC sound gone

Since beta and now since 21.1 I have trouble keeping the sound of ATC live. Sometimes its gone from the start, but more often it goes off in the middle of conversation. Happens both on unicom as live ATC. Any idea how to solve this?


I find my ATC sound gets messed up if I connect Bluetooth headphones/earplugs and then don’t properly disconnect them.

Are you using headphones/earplugs at all?

I had the same issue now even tho i use the Device speaker

no, just the iPad without any other stuff.

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Try going into settings > volume > and ATC sounds and increase the volume. If that doesn’t work I think you might want to do a device restart.

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yes yes, all done of course.

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Oh, Hey John. Are you sure you have the latest IF version? I didn’t experience anything related to sound tough.

unfortunately I´ve the same problem. It seems, as mentioned above, that after swichting ear-pods to device output ATC falls silent. But this is only sometimes happening. Difficult to reproduce…

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