ATC Sound and text issue

Well today I was in Lisbon airport waiting to cross the runway and about 15 minutes into the session (as the plane Infront of me was about to start crossing the runway) the sound and text of the ATC just vanished and I couldn’t hear or see what ATC was saying and after about 30 seconds the plane Infront of me started crossing the runway ( at this point it had been almost 2 minutes without ATC text or sound) so I left to not get a violation. The same thing had happened to me when I had to go-around a few months earlier at Zurich. It is an occasional issue but usally happens in busy airports

Ipad Air 3rd Gen
iOS 17.3

Hi! I was having a similar problem a long time ago and now I clean my scenery cache regularly and I don’t have a problem right now, you can try it, Time will show the result :)

(in IF Settings - General - Clear Scenery Cache)

Have a good day.

That could actually make it worse.

Losing ATC communication can be caused by network performance being less than optimal.

Making the app download all the scenery files again will use even more bandwidth, so that’s not what you want.

You’d need to check the network speed and quality with a speedtest app.
Try another (Wi-Fi) network when possible.
Restarting the device might help as well.


Okay I’ll try restarting since I live in a isolated house almost like a farm there’s nothing I can do about the internet but I’ll try restarting

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