ATC slow traffic time fun

Idk how everyone likes to pass the time while traffic at your airport is slow but I did this today 😂
It’s fun watching aircraft race down to the runway and you gotta pass the time somehow.

ATC Tip: The aircraft closest to the runway will always win because they don’t have to turn onto the second taxiway. So it’s best just not to race to the runway lol.


3 … 2 … 1… go go go land now ! 😂, wow so lucky to see that

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We as IFATC love to watch landings & take-offs when the traffic is real slow… Its indeed fun & I can’t wait when 3D buildings will create more realism during controlling & spotting!


I love watching the landings. Sometimes, if the player has their username visible, I may record them. I always forget to post them here though 😅
It’s just tough when you’ve gotta upload the video through a 3rd party before you can share it.


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