ATC skills

I would like to take the ACT test, but I aint sure about my atc skills, could anyone test me ? That would be great.

I have seen the post many times, I just wanted to now if someone was able to test my atc skills

I’ve heard it takes a lot of preparation to take the ACT or SAT (standardized tests suck), but I’ve seen some promising preparation sites :)

To answer your question, testing for the advanced server is closed at the moment. The best way to prepare is to practice on the playground server. Just open at a small airport and begin controlling, traffic will come naturally.


Lol you are Mr. Straight forward. Hope someone will observe you and give you advice on how you done. I think for real test is not ready yet. You gotta wait.

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Hit me up on pm

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Check this out

I am curious, why exactly was the testing stopped? When, exactly,mill it resume; and while I’m at it, aren’t we overdue for another update?

It was stopped because the system for recruiting new controllers was somewhat chaotic. The recruitment team is figuring out a way to make recruiting fast, easy, and simple.

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I am so used to waiting, and as usual I’m sure it’ll be worth it too.