ATC "Siri" Voice Comparisons. Current iOS and Android

iPhone 5S:

Android Kindle Fire HD (Amazon):


Links are broken it seems. They are not leading to anything for me.

Oh, yeah. So sorry about that, I had Private Account on. It should work now :)

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I think the iOS one sounds a little better. Both sound ok though.


Yeah, but I like how that I don’t have to hear the same voice anymore 😂


  • iOS voice is better
  • Android voice is better

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Thing is with Android if you don’t like the voice you can just download a different voice pack. I’ve got 2 versions of English, American, and Australian. All three have choices male or female, of tone and pitch as well as the speed of speech.


say what now?

On my phone, if I use the translator and press the speech button, it’ll read it out, but the voice it comes with is choppy. Immediately afterwards, got this pop up asking if I wanted to download an “HD” voice pack which sounds better.

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In device settings go to language and input - text to speech output - Google TTS settings. It’ll give you the options for changing the language and dialect.

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Nigel, I was able to change my tts settings and use a new downloaded engine. However it seems IF does not reflect on the voice speed. I do ATC so I tried to speed up the voice. I used Ivona TTS but it was too slow for me.

I am open to any other engines/voices for android though.

You may need to reboot for IF to pick the new settings up. Or it may be that IF exclusively uses the google TTS engine.

Interesting difference. Thanks for this

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Which is why I posted it :D and you’re welcome :)

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