"ATC Sessions" In Logbook

I personally find it incredibly annoying trying to go back into my replays to see my previous sessions as ATC because there are so many pilot-side replays mixed in.

To avoid this, I would love another tab of the logbook.

I would love to see a 3rd option on the sidebar of the Logbook saying “ATC Sessions”, where you can easily see your previous controlling sessions, with the date, airport, time, and operations.

Yeah! I agree


This would be a nice addition. Although ATC sessions are defined under the ‘Type’ it would be good to easily filter these out especially as I like reviewing my sessions for self development

As a Trainer this is probably even more useful!

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Especially because there’s no way to use “Type” as a filter in your replays
(Might be another good feature request)

This would be a nice edition! However even though I don’t currently have a vote spare - but this has my support.

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Totally agreed! A bit more of organization would be amazing for us, nice feature!

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Incredible idea!!! Voted :)

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Wow! This feature would be awesome for us IFATC. You sure have my vote!

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Agreed and voted.

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Fun fact - I mentioned about addition of an ATC logbook more than 5 years back and forgot about it. :)