ATC session now Closed at LSGG!

Hello everyone, please come down to LSGG on the training server to help give me practice and advice on what I could do better as an ATC controller. This would be very helpful as I am working towards my Goal of becoming an ATC for the expert server. However, I will make some mistakes, but hopefully none.

Please do Pm me for any feedback long feedback! =D

{On training server if you haven’t guessed! =D}

I will be open for about 1h + =D
Pattern work is accepted at this time.

Thank-you very much,
Gliding! =D


I’ll be there in a min :)

Ok, thanks, bud…!

Hope you’re stil there. Will be there as PH-ADZ

See you there…

Thanks to all of you that came! =D

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Well done!!
You have a private message from me with feedback.

Thanks for your feedback! 😀✈️ I will be doing more of this tomorrow. 😀

Have fun. Your afternoon is my middle of the night 😊

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