ATC session is now [CLOSED] at PHOG! (Training of IFATC)

Hello everyone, please come down to PHOG on the training server to help give me practice and advice on what I could do better as an ATC controller. This would be very helpful as I am working towards my Goal of becoming an ATC for the expert server.

{On training server if you haven’t guessed! =D} 😀

(PM me if you have a long evaluation of what I could do better)
Pattern work is accepted at this time.

Do let me know if you are coming down! I will be on at least for a couple of hours! =D T
Thank-you very much,

This is a tracking feed so as long as it says OPEN it is open! Message me when you are coming. =D
Gliding! =D

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I’ll come down and test you with a pattern or two.

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Ok, thanks, mate…! =D This would be really helpful.

Mate, honestly, great ATC. Very well done, I could not fault your controlling abilities. I wish you the best of luck in that challenging IFATC Test and I have every faith in you! Good job!

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coming from PHNL! are you on approach too?

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Thanks btw…

No, I am not doing approach as well. =D

Hey! I just flew some patterns in my 208. From what I saw, it was pretty good. Here are a few minor things needing tweaking.

  • No need for pattern entries for the aircraft in the pattern. I know where to go already ;)
  • Runway change could’ve been executed a bit better as I had already began my right turn to crosswind.

sure. i’ll come down there in a Delta Air Lines 777-200LR.

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I noticed that you began your turn onto right downwind, but thanks for your advice! =D I really do appreciate it.

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