ATC session is now [Closed] at EGCC!

Hello everyone, please come down to Manchester on the training server to help give me practice and advice on what I could do better as an ATC controller. This would be very helpful as I am working towards my Goal of becoming an ATC for the expert server.

{On training server if you haven’t guessed! =D}

(PM me if you have a long evaluation of what I could do better)
Pattern work is accepted at this time.

Thank-you very much,
Gliding! =D


Coming, callsign will be HP-10

Ok, looking forward to seeing you there! =D

Thanks for giving me the little problem-solving, then though I made a few mistakes.! =D

What do you do when there is an unknown aircraft and you can’t reply to them??

Are you still controlling?

If there is an unknown aircraft and they are following instructions just make sure the path into the runway they are landing is clear as if you have given them landing clearance. If they start interfering with traffic then their isn’t much you can do about it, as it is TS1.
Hope to see you controlling with us on expert server one day :)


Yes btw…


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Ok so here’s my feedback

Ground Work: There was only 2 aircraft. You werw able to somehow almost crash us. My advice is next time be more aware of your aircraft on the ground and go look at @Tyler_Shelton ground atc video. You can learn alot from it. Especially how to deal with multiple aircrafts! Also you gt to learn to be more quick with your commands

Taxi: Be more aware of your aircrafts and where they are, u told me to pushback already when you had a aircraft pushing back already. There’s no reason to issue me a pushback while another aircraft is pushing back in front of me. I know for a fact that you cant be doing this on expert server like how I almost collided with the aircraft in front of me

Take Off: Please watch the runway because a plane almost collided with me, but otherwise is pretty good

Sequencing: That was pretty bad because 1, you dont clear me to land #2 when there are already 2 aircrafts on final. What you should have said is HP-10 number 3, traffic to follow is on right downwind runway 23r (which tells me to go behind) That 2nd aircraft on final was going way faster then I was so you should’ve seen that and issued me that. After that then you should issue me clearance so I know who I am following.

I advise you should watch tutorials especially Tyler’s, like myself what I do to better train yourself for these situations. You made at least 4 mistakes which I know your starting out but just watch the tutorials and you will get better along the making

Good day- HP-10

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This is really helpful.

For the short time I was there, well done. You didn’t have to say ‘right traffic’ every time I done a touch and go, as you already said the instruction when I took off. Nothing huge though! I understand it’s difficult with select people not listening but you done a great job in my case.


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No problem, hope you have a great day. Whenever you open again feel free to PM me and I will be happy to come by and fly some patterns and provide some feedback. I believe you will make an excellent IFATC controller one day! Just remember…hard work pays off!

I understand that, because I was doing it, however, people were not asking for this that and the other, which just makes me confused. Plus I appreciate all your feedback.

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I will do! I really appreciate it. =D And thanks for giving me hope. =D I just need to keep looking at the Traning video to get there.

Yeah if you have any questions as well, my PM is always open and I would be more than happy to help you out.


I have watched all the videos however it’s putting it into practice.

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Yeah that is basically what you need. Practice what you have learnt as there is always room for improvement.

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