ATC Services open @ KASE TS1

Services are at KASE On TS1.

Follow the NOTAM of “No bigger than 757 or A321”

Thanks, see you there.

Any feedback just shoot me a PM

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At KASE no aircarft should takeoff at runway 15.
Use runway 33 for departures and 15 for arrivals.

That airport is quite a hard to practice on. Departures on 33 incomings on 15. Seperarion is difficult there…
I’ll come along to test you

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Gotcha, don’t mind a tail-wind

I’ll come. So stay open for a while please :)

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HMy Feedback:

Overall well done… Two mistakes though

  • No pattern entry needed when planes are in the pattern. Just sequence (which was on point) and clear

  • No need to tell us to make left traffic when you clear. We know which way to go when you clear us for takeoff. Cleared for the option is enough there (unless you have RW or direction changes which didn’t happen).

Just bare that in mind and you’ll be golden soon!
Keep up the the good work!

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Why is a plane landing at 33? Its impossible to do so IRL.

After takeoff give a pattern entry to 15

Oh yeah… Forgot about that point. Give us a pattern entry for 15 once we took off! There are no landings on 33

You dont need to broadcast runway change…

Taxis me to 33
Tells me to Hold Short for 33
Clears for takeoff at 15?! What

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I was meaning to clear the other one to land 15

Thanks for the constructive feedback! Highly appreciated! Thanks for coming everyone!

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