ATC service is now [CLOSED] @ CYYZ training sever

Hello, fellow community members, I would like to announce that I am currently operating at CYYZ Tower and Ground for a 1 hour.I am currently unable to apply for IFATC for behavioral issues. I currently have 1,619 ATC operations, my goal is to reach 5,000 help me make it possible by spawning in at CYYZ. I would be great to have your feedback as it would help me massively to be able to provide great ATC services to the community!

(If you haven’t guessed it is on the training server! =D)

Thanks for being a great community.

NOTAM: Please Follow All Instructions Given By ATC

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Sure thing. I can come fly for a while, expect feedback. :)

My callsign will be SLAYER

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Just there, and I saw a lot of errors.

I requested to cross the active runway, 05, and you gave me permission to cross the other side. You always need to say the active runway.

Next, I requested to touch and go, but you gave me permission to land. Be sure you say,”No pattern work will be accepted” if you do not want pattern work.

Quality is better than quantity…Remember that…



thank you for the feed back.

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Hey, just a quick one: if an aircraft is flying patters, they do not need to request touch n go every time. You can clear them for the option whenever you want. Oh and no aircraft is allowed to cross a runway threshold without clearence


For as many operations as you have, I could only assume you have clearly reviewed ATC operations for pattern work. If not I would highly recommend revisiting the provided info to help address the lack of sequencing and clearance for traffic in the pattern. I personally had to call inbound for T&G twice which as stated by others, is unnecessary. Not bad/not great…5/10. Good luck and relentlessly study to achieve your goal.

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Thank you I will take this information and put it to good use.

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