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If I were to become IFATC, would that mean I can’t control on Training Server again? Thank you!

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I’m not IFATC but I don’t think so, only expert


Correct, once you join you are restricted to only opening on the expert Server.


IFATC cannot be controlled by the training server

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Onces you become IFATC, you can control in Training Server but only if you want to practice Radar which needs to be approved by your trainer.

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Ok thanks.
You see I am admin and ATC staff in a Facebook and discord group, meaning I use training server to prepare people for ATC in our group.

If I were to pass the IFATC test, would I have to become IFATC? Or could I decline the offer maybe.

In general we can’t make you join after passing the test.

On the other Hand it wouldn’t be very fair to your Recruiter, Trainer and Testers who would have taken time out of their lives to prepare you for your Tests. Think about joining for as long as you like but once you apply a certain amount of commitment would be asked of you.


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