ATC Separation and Spacing work in one picture

Hello people,

This evening I want to share a picture that was not taken on one of my flights, this one was taken in the replay of an ATC session. I was initially having a look at arrival paths when I stumbled across this nice bit of separation work. Perfect timing on both the Radar and Tower controllers side is needed to make situations like these possible. The Airbus A321 in the front of the picture is starting its takeoff roll while an A350 is on short final for runway 24R at Tokio Narita airport (RJAA).

The slightly edited Version:

Raw Infinite Flight textures:

Some Information you might want to know:

  • Airport:
    Tokio Narita Airport (RJAA)

  • Date and Time:
    29th of December 2019 at 23:40Z

  • Server:
    Expert Server

  • Controllers:
    Darragh O´Donoghue on Atis Ground and Tower @Darragh_ODonoghue
    Oskar Lowe (Flying_Pencil) on Approach @Flying_Pencil

  • ATC-Session duration:

  • Aircraft Callsigns and Display Names:
    Airbus A321- Singapore 872, SIN-HKG
    Airbus A350- Delta 0725, kyle-2019

I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and thank the pilots that made this amazing ATC Session possible.

Kind regards,
Oskar Lowe (FlyingPencil)