Atc sending me to the wrong airport?

Just flying to Eindhoven from Salzburg. On the way Langen FIR send me to Frankfurt even though I said I´d be flying to Eindhoven. they sent me pretty much across the whole airspace. I told them a second time that EDFF wasn´t my destination.
It was really chaotic and my fuel was pretty low and I just turned off my WIFI, but then I closed Infinite Flight cuz I wouldn´t have made it anyways. Total mess over germany. Now, I don´t want to criticize Atc cuz they are also humans but they definetly seemed overwhelmed. Do you have an Idea what went wrong here?

I’m sure it was just a mistake as probably 90% of the planes center was dealing with was going to Frankfurt, they probably didn’t notice that you requested Salzburg because of so many messages, sorry this happened!


Please shoot me a message so I can take a look into this manner, this is quite unacceptable and I apologize that this happened to you.


I was actually coming from Salzburg and requested Eindhoven. But yeah thank you!