ATC see your intended flight path in RADAR Map

This feature is for ATC. When an aircraft is arriving or deparing, they may have a STAR or SID programmed in and it would be great if I could see that in the map so that I could direct them to a specific fix that is a part of thier plan. This way I can as an approach controller, not cause a major deviation to thier intended flight plan whether it be for an arrival or departure if possible to maintain spacing

For example

Here I can see thier intensions and can guide appropriately.

I’m not asking for being able to select a fix and say go direct to, but rather the ability to see the FPL in the map so that I can drag them to the appropriate location I want then to go to in thier FPL. Then I can even let them do the whole approach themselves without intervention if spacing permits.

Yes right now in Show Information you can see the text of thier FPL, but I may not know where that fix is in thier FPL have to go searching in the map for it while trying to manage other aircraft which makes it inpractical. Seeing the intended flight path could really help.

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fantastic idea I’ve already voted!

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Yes this would be amazing!

I try to only use SIDs and STARs but when I contact ATC they always vector me away from it because they have to.

You got my vote!

You’ve got my vote as well!

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Excellent idea. Will attempt to free up a vote.


Great idea, would make for much smoother controlling, Voted


Come on guys we really need this!

This is a must. Atc will be easy. See the difference.


Which one is easier for Atc? Red or Blue? This is Matrix.

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Definitely something we need! Voted ;)

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This really needs more votes!