ATC Search Bar

There are safely over 100 buttons in the ATC menu. Sometimes some of the less used buttons are hard to find and it delays what’s going on because you can’t find the button. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a search bar at the top so you could quickly go to any button by typing a few keywords. For instance if you wanted to find “you were already cleared to cross the rw,” you could search “already clrd to cross” and wham! No searching through misc for decades only to realize you are looking in the wrong place. This feature would speed things up and make finding buttons easier, but if course, it. should not be used for everything. I hope you all vote for this feature!

I haven’t actually thought about this before, but sounds like a great idea. Have experienced this before, trying to find, “You we’re already clrd to land, avoid unnecessary reports” for 20 secs. Would definitely help, and it is a brilliant idea indeed.


Seems like a great idea. However most people play on their tiny phones and I think by the time that is typed in I think you would have wasted a few seconds of time. The interface is easy to get used to once you have practised. And if you really want this 30 mins for the next week will get you knowing the places in no time. Personally for me there are bigger things to work on right now. Good luck.

Happy Flying :)

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true, but this is for those unused buttons that no one can ever find. Not for the common ones.

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you said it yourself why do you need to look up unused buttons. Its just a bit unnecessary personally. Good luck though and feature request helps someone!

Cign :)

Seems interesting, the only thing I feel is that this could actually delay response times. Interesting idea though.


again, only for dire circumstance when you really can’t find the button

I think it’s just habit thing.
You’ll remember where the most used phrases are but yeah, you’d be looking for the ones you don’t use frequently.

A good idea, but honestly speaking, searching this takes a longer time compared to just scrolling down misc messages.

i have a iphone xs max which is 6.5 inches top to bottom. hardly tiny

I think rather than that a better option will be to categorize misc. messages because, let’s face it, this is the main reason this feature request exists :)

Great idea!
For all those saying that it would delay response time or that say you should just get used to the location of the buttons, I honestly disagree. Yes, it’s not something you’d use very often, but when you need it, it saves quite some bit of time. Especially when I haven’t controlled in a while, I sometimes struggle to find some of the violation options or warnings for example. This would avoid having to scroll the whole misc or even other menus.

Moreover, consider how often those menus actually change. Since they’re not necessarily things you use very often, you don’t have time to relearn them.

Just as all ATC related ideas, unfortunately it’s not going to get many votes or attention. Hopefully mods and staff will still have a look considering it’s something small but handy to have.

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