ATC Screen setup

I would imagine the answer to my question is out there somewhere but i search relentlessly with no avail. Please help!

I want to start learning ATC controls more and see if i like it but i cannot figure out how to see the directional data i see on all the videos. I see videos with controllers having a better map with terrain and the ability to click and drag a direction of flight for aircraft. My ATC control is just standard black screen and I have to guess on the direction of travel based on my knowledge. Can you please help?

The terrain is from an older version of IF.

The click and drag is s vectoring feature is only on the approach/departure controller’s screen, not tower. I am not sure what else you are referring to about “directional data”. You might want to watch the IFATC tutorials about ground/tower/approach/departure roles and what they can and cannot do in IF.


Hi! The videos you are watching are pre-global. After the global update was released, the terrain option on the map was removed due to buggy purposes.

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If you’re being ATC on training server you should be well able to click on planes. The drag feature is for Approach and Depature frequencies where you can drag your finger to tell a plane what direction you want them to go. Unsure what “black screen” you’re referring. The picture above shows what we see as controllers. I highly recommend you start looking at the ATC tutorials on YouTube to start learning the commands. The terrain map was changed for global release, now you can go online and look up the terrain around the airport online if you wish which is recommended if you’re controlling Approach and/or Depature.

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