ATC screen black

ATC wants me to contact St. Maarten at 118.7 but my screen is in black so I am unable to do it.

Are you father than 50NM from the airport?

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I can access the log screen but not the ATC screen.

Still how far to the airport…on KNUC for example atc remains black up to 24 miles to the airport

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52.6 nm from St. Maarten

There you go…wait a bit, it will appear…

Tower has sent more than a dozen calls

Is this on the Playground server? If so, it’s “normal” since lots of people don’t know what they’re doing on there.

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Yes it is. yes

But normally if atc tells you to switch to frequency xx, just hit adknowlege handoff and switch to xx…then you dont have to think about this

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Well that’s perfectly average for this server. Just accept the fact that things like this may happen. Go to advanced for a more realistic experience:)

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Now I got a different airport on screen. At lest its back. Thanks.

Np mate, have fun…

Sure I will!!

Dont forget to hit solved on the post so its not showing as an open support…

Ok, I will

Not sure but if the tower said that out of the max range for the radio the message Will not come and sometimes I plane contact me and then I can’t say anithing to hom because he is to far from me