ATC Scheduling/Planning (like VATSIM)

Some of you may know that there’s a Web page for VATSIM where one can see which controller is planning to be manning which station at a given time.

Could this be done e,g. Through infinite tracker or other means? A way to match supply and demand




Yes good idea I am not sure but I also suggest this I like the idea👍

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Some sort of utility could be written for this. Not a bad idea!

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This should be moved to the features category. Nice idea btw

Would you prefer this to be an in-app thing or on a web page?

In-app for sure to try and limit the amount of software or platforms involved, but I can’t tell how hard/easy that is. I would imagine it’s relatively simple to set up as Web page though. A

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From my point of view it would be the best solution when doing this as an in-app function. Maybe together with an web interface for planning.

So if I want to control KLAX tower an advanced for a defined time, i could go on the webpage and enter where I want to control and when. Inside of the app there should be a page like the already existing server stats. There you could see who planned to do what.

Only one feature request per topic please! Otherwise, good idea!

I can’t see more than one feature request in this topic. Only a few people talking about a possible feature

Is anybody here quite good at creating websites and that? It strikes me this should be relatively simple, maybe via Google Forms or something like that?

Max Sez… This idea was floated before but within a different topic so it stand alone and is a great idea. Bout time Controllers got with the program and where required to “Bid” for slots. No more Shotgun manning, Full nodes on the Advanced etc.

Think it shouldn’t be that hard to create a website for this. I’m not good enough to make a website like the liveflightapp thing but I don’t have the environment for this purpose either right now.
Anyways we need a filter (maybe log-in for our adv ATC) to make sure nobody makes fake schedules or sh…

EDIT: You know what, guys? I will start something at 220600ZDEC15 shouldn’t take longer than 3 hrs. See you tomorrow 😉

New ATC planning tool (beta)

Just kidding it is just a google calendar until we have a better option. Use this or don’t.
If you want to enter your own times please PM me so I can add you.

There is already one appointment as a standard layout. This layout should be used for every other shedule in the future, Thanks