Atc schedule


i was just wondering, if i want to do a long haul fly in tonight into an airport that will have atc, of the list on the day, how do i know which one to fly into ie. the one that will have the most arrivals?



Well what I do I like it o see what airport has the most traffic prior to departure.

CYYZ currently has a lot of traffic due to the ACVAevent.

KJFK has medium traffic.

And Lastly CYUL had good traffic too.

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Thats a good question, I’m wondering that too!

no like for example tonight the atc is either copenhagen or stockholm, so idk which one to fly into.

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From what I have seen in the past EKCH is the best bet.

thanks bro!

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No problemo. 😉

Yup EKCH IS packed right now.

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