ATC Schedule

Yeah, I agree with you. They should if at least consulted IFC before implementing these changes. I too don’t like the new ATC “schedule”. It’s becoming more like training server with better pilots. Not as much ATC variety in locations.


As an IFATC, I agree that I first off didn’t like the change to regions. I missed the ATC schedule, because of the assurance that there were going to be people going to the indicated airports, which is no longer the case. However, little by little, I got to know the regions system more in details, I analyzed people’s (controllers and pilots) preferences to make my service suit them better and, thanks to that, I’m not disliking the system anymore, although that doesn’t mean I’m liking it either. I guess I’m just getting used to it.

Additionally, I’d like to point out that those who are on the IFC can consider themselves lucky because they can see the region tracking threads that, sometimes, indicate in advance when and where ATC are going to open and have this guarantee that they will have a controller at their destination/origin airport, which is, of what I’ve noticed so far, something that makes more people come.


I think it’s fair to judge about the new regulation once more airports and country’s have buildings. As I decided for the EU East region I’m not missing the heavy inbounds at all and happy to provide quality and real life service.

In the end we won’t be able to fulfil everyone’s wishes. Pilots flying can now focus on flying itself, on more diversity, more group flights and more engagement in community like virtual airlines.


Exactly! you have to keep in mind as Summer approaches here in the northern hemisphere people will start going outside more meaning there’ll be less activity in IF in general, however I have no doubt that once 21.1 releases to the general public traffic will skyrocket again :)


Summer is the most active portion of the year for traffic and activity.


Personally I support the change and enjoy it. But that’s just me . . .

#Long_Live_IFATC / ES

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Yes. While the average controller might get less traffic, small airports are now being featured with traffic. It’s more spread out and you have to find the traffic. I’ve opened only smaller airports, all of which I’ve found a health amount of traffic.

With less traffic though means better quality of service. The service of IFATC members has really improved in my point of view (same goes for my service)


Many more controllers have become active because now they can control in their home countries, cities, or other locations they consider home. And instead of 1-3 events a month being featured in the schedule, now almost every event can be staffed because everyone is allowed to roam around their region without having any restrictions (besides leaving their region).

It is a major change, but I think it was a good step forward.


Thing we also need to remember is that controllers are here to have fun as well, so if there is no traffic into an airport they most likely wouldn’t bother opening it. Thats why major airports like LHR, JFK and LAX etc are always open; most pilots fly into those airports so controllers open them.

So if pilots start flying to other airports then controllers will pick up that demand and open those airports.

The new region system is still fairly new so it’ll take time till both pilots and controllers adapt to it and find a system that works best.

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Thanks for all the comments. However, it would have been better if IFC did some research before making this system.

My guess is that Tyler and the other employees of Infinite Flight had copious amounts of discussions about this change. The fact of the matter is companies don’t (and should not) opinion poll all of their changes. Some changes, and perhaps this one, are made with other strategic goals in mind. For all we know, this change is necessary to support other items they plan to introduce in the future.


100% agree


Totally agreed, just hope they realise this!


I think the place where ATC is needed is soon with a lot of traffic. Of course, I know that ATC service gets better with less traffic.

I personally think this has nothing to do with IFATC or the schedule change or whatever we changed.

For students (any of you below 24) in the northern hemispheres (at least most) are in the end of their semesters for school as summer is about to start, because of that most people are trying to finish strong, and are focusing their time towards the real stuff.

I bet it should pick up in the next couple weeks… This is just my perspective and from what I have heard from others as well… just don’t have time.


For example I have teacher assessed assessments (lol) for my A-Levels this week (UK version of high school finals essentially) and before yesterday where I did a quick flight as a “break” - I hadn’t used IF in about 3 months 🤣

This is my perspective from a fairly new IFATC controller, but I have had experience of controlling with both the schedule and regions.

I loved the schedule, always did, it felt like a coming together of the community with the amount of pilots that would fly out of airports that would always be staffed throughout their day.

Initially, I was excited for regions becuase I could control any airport I wanted to in my home region. However, as regions have progressed, not including FNF or the free choice day, I feel the only airport I want to open is EGLL. I like airports with high traffic, for the challenge and becuase they are the most interesting.

With regions, only these large hubs are getting mass traffic, which means if I went to control elsewhere, it could get very dull due to lack of traffic. However, it also gets dull opening the same airport every time as it its the only airport in my region with more than 50 or 60 inbound aircraft.

To summarise, since the introduction of regions, I have found controlling to be a little dull as many airports have limited to no traffic so opening them seems pointless, just for control 5 or 10 aircraft in an hour and becuase opening the same airport everytime is also a bit dull as I would like to explore more.

I know all the supervisors have worked very hard on regions and I thank them for their continuous efforts to try and improve the IFATC experience!


This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the new ATC program.

I have nothing but love and respect for the IFATC team, but in the old ATC program at least people would fly in and out of Africa when it was featured on the ATC schedule.


No doubt the previous weekly schedule took a lot of effort, and coordination, to organise. But it was surely worth it, as it provided a reliable framework for multilayer mode… People could jump in for flights with ATC and have a mostly reliable experience.

Where it is difficult to have respect for the planning here, is the extreme implementation… I mean just cutting off the old system without developing any of the new processes and support mechanisms first.

There’s a lot of talk about VAs, events, group flights etc, but these depend on as of yet undeveloped communication channels and forward planning tools to link in and create interaction with IFATC.

Meanwhile the reality is that for the individuals, there is a lessened experience and the risk of drifting away. My only really good ATC experience recently has been the FNF.


I’ve got to say that when I first heard about the planned changed to regions, I was super excited as I’m sure most of us were to control our home airport or our home regions, mine being Oceania and specifically Australia.

However, I know it hasn’t been that long yet and I’m willing to give it a little to see if the situation improves, but so far I’m not entirely enjoying this new region assignment program. As I’ve seen many others mention here as well, I liked the themed schedule which provided not only pilots with solid information on where IFATC will most likely be present, as well as provide IFATC controllers where most of the traffic will be.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the hard work and any planning that went into this change, and as mentioned before, there is still a long way to go before we fully access the situation of the region assignment program, but from what we have witnessed so far and I’m sure a majority will agree, the schedule was better, more organised and better for pilots and IFATC alike.