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I’m not a controller but I’ll give the one main reason the new system doesn’t work for me. The old schedule was great for giving different routes and areas of the world to fly all while having live atc. With a whole world to choose from its difficult to come up with creative ideas all the time. I get the community driven events but they are all very time specific and honestly difficult to find. I think the new system promotes the same hubs to be open and flying in and out of Heathrow all the time can get old. I really enjoyed the old system because I would look at the schedule for the week and could start planning which days I would participate. Just my 2 cents.


Yes, it’s the “planning” part of things that needs the work.

Conceptually the regions and the new “freedoms” are positive, but ultimately it will be the practical experiences of users, and the quality of those experiences, that will be the final judge and determine where things go.

I’ve spoken out because it’s been a poor experience for me so far, every time, with ATC shutting down on me just once I’ve got started. The problem has been that by the time I can react and see they are open, plan a flight, spawn in and be ready, ATC are moving on!

I really like the concept of the “Takeover” events, and I’ve tried a couple in areas I love, eg Austria and Switzerland… But it was a lonely experience out there, and I still suffered by ending up on Unicom for my landing on a couple of times 🙁.

I am worried that I will hardly be available to fly at the times these Takeovers occur.

Most recently I dived in to Florida and spotted an opportunity for a short flight, I think it was from Fort Lauderdale across to the other coastline (sorry I’ve never been to the USA, don’t know my airports!)… I got taxi instructions, then ATC closed, takeoff on Unicom … Got onto Miami Centre, then got handed to approach, all good… I got my first vector and altitude for approaching, and then immediately all ATC closed on me again! Back onto Unicom 🙁.

I’ve been at numerous airports where there have been a few planes, maybe 5-6 on the ground and in the air, all ending up on unicom.

This major flaw has to have a solution, or the great concept will never pan out in practice.


Totally agree as a pilot! As ATC too the flaws are too major to be ignored!


Ohrid is in Eastern Europe, and let me tell you that it is clearly unknown for most pilots here in IF (I didn’t know that place before Jakub told me about it).

Nico is right, building traffic is still possible, you just have to want it.


The thing I miss about the old schedule was planning flights as others have said before. I for one do not check the forum during the day at work but rather when I retire to bed so it’s difficult tracking where ATC would be at or for how long. I doubt diversity would be improved with this new schedule would be optimistic at best because controllers would simply sign up to the heathrows and jfks leaving out the lesser known.


Tell them to reach out your buddies at @UPSVirtual 😎


Controllers, as do pilots, take time to get used to the new schedule.
We are all trying to find the perfect way to attract both pilots and controllers to some amazing airports.

Maybe when you see frequencies that just opened, plan a short flight from another airport and fly inbound. That is the best way to attract other pilots and keep controllers wanting to open it ;)

I’m sure in a few months, we will all have found a way to work with this region system and get the most from it !

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We just did a group flight and requested ATC in the proper thread (about an hour prior to takeoff) and had no takers - is it going to be hit and miss even when pilots can generate 5+ inbounds?

We were going to do a turn around if there was ATC - but sadly none.

I realize it’s not “controller on demand” by any means - but most times I look at the Active Expert ATC and there’s one or two airports open… :(

Is there a way to handle these types of requests where they actually get seen? Or am I looking at it the wrong way as in - there was simply no controllers available?

Maybe someone could reply to the thread requests and say “no controller available”…? Seems archaic at best but at least people requesting would know - rather than constantly be guessing if ATC will be at a certain destination after requesting in the proper threads to do so.

Just trying to figure out some stuff.


As ATC, I would like to briefly express my opinion on this discussion.

I like our new system, but I also liked the old one. We finally have the opportunity to open where we want. We recently had about 6 large airports in Germany open at the same time 1-2 hours. Yes there was a bit of traffic but not much either. But we didn’t care who we show presents and people will come back to it.

For example, I try to open LOWW every day at about the same time and although this is not a small airport in the middle of Europe, not many pilots get lost there. But we offer a service and the pilots decide whether you accept it or not. Pilots can also change their flight plans when they see an airport opening. Of course, if you fly long-haul flights and only go online 20 minutes before landing, it doesn’t work.

The bottom line is that the pilots also have to and should get used to the new system.

I will definitely give the new systwm a chance.


There is no thread to request expert ATC, currently, so they likely never saw it. They’re currently following the #live:events category though, not necessarily #live:groupflights. Maybe we could watch that category more but currently those flights don’t generate a ton of traffic.

If controllers see any group flight or event they’d like to provide ATC for though they’ll be able to open. Most have chosen their home region for the first 30 days, naturally, and some regions have more staffing compared to others so you have to keep that in mind. Also timezones, the region’s controllers may be asleep when your event is happening if you don’t take that into account.

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Ahh, my mistake @Trio - I mistook the threads (eu-west, eu-east, canada, etc…) as “pilot request” and “who’s open” threads - when they suppose to be for controllers announcing they will be opening.

Pardon my mistake.

No problem, those are for controllers to announce when they open if they’d like to. It’s not required they announce on the forum though.

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Hey there @KCLTPlanespotter

Great advice :)

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Hello IFC!

The reason users fly in ES is probably to receive a lot of traffic and good control service. However, I can’t find a lot of traffic due to the changed ATC schedule this time. Also, it is more fun to control a lot of traffic with IFATC. Of course, there are some users who like this system, but it would be nice to do a more thorough investigation at IFC before creating this system. Example) Voting, etc. Of course, it’s still good now, but I think the system was better before. (In my opinion)

Thanks for reading



Yeah Many people arent liking the new system everyday only EGLL KLAX KSFO KJFK are open its more looking training server than the expert server…No traffic anywhere around the world except for EGLL and KLAX


One thing to consider, the northern hemisphere is beginning the annual kickoff to summer which means folks are getting outside more and going on holiday (for our friends in Europe) and vacation (for our friends in the US).

This is just the ebb and flow of the seasons changing. Things will pick back up again overall, this really isn’t just something out of the norm that can place burden on the ATC Regions change. You’ll see heightened Expert Server activity during community events, Flash Flights and Friday Night Flights.


Yeah, However, users come to ES to enjoy a lot of traffic, but these days, many people seem to be disappointed to see the traffic on the low ES.


When 21.1 releases, we will see an influx of server activity. Also, some returning users will make an appearance again as well which will add to the server load. The ATC Regions change is a work in progress and is subject to IFATC feedback and evaluation. I’m certain that Staff/Mods/IFATC will look further into this by reviewing the data.

You bring up valid points but in summary, Expert Server activity relies on official events/community events and virtual airlines/organizations. Also note, IFATC continually shows growth and with that growth comes increased coverage on a global spectrum.


Yeah, I agree with you. They should if at least consulted IFC before implementing these changes. I too don’t like the new ATC “schedule”. It’s becoming more like training server with better pilots. Not as much ATC variety in locations.