ATC Schedule

Yes I think that’s another good variation on the whole “mini schedule” idea. There’s a number of ways to implement it.

The idea of pairing up with Southwest VA also is a good example of what Tyler has termed “creative freedom”.

The problem is that the IFATC leadership have abandoned responsibility, at least for now, of providing the pairing and collaboration framework, and communication channels needed for these creative opportunities between pilot groups and IFATC to be reliable and successful

If we are ever to realise the potential with this new system, IFATC leadership must step up and take on those responsibilities.

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Man I just miss seeing busy airports and planning days in advance


There is an entire forum at their disposal and most VAs have representation on the IFATC Discord. How many more communication channels could we possibly need? Let’s stop talking about it and be about it! There isn’t a single thing stopping any one of our VA members (in or out of IFATC) from organizing this and getting their weekly routes staffed.

I’ve shared the intent to make these featured airports visible in-app… numerous times. This can’t happen overnight! Until that is done I see no reason why our various community organizations can’t start a dialouge to voice where and when they need service.


Sure we do not have a schedule anymore so pilots cannot plan like they did before, but now we have all got much more liberty to organise events and inform pilots about them. We have perfectly functioning communication systems so I don’t see why this would be a problem.

Again, we just have to take time to get used to this system and criticizing it now is not the way to go. The change has happened about a month ago now and it is already evolving. Give us, controllers, time to get a hang of it, as well as pilots and I’m sure we’ll make it work !

The IFATC leadership team did a wonderful job in creating this system, let us now take the responsibility to make it work like it should :)

I think this is technically possible but overly optimistic when it comes to people’s ability to organize. But fundamentally I don’t see why the organization problem is required to give IFATC more freedom. They are completely separate issues.

For instance, imagine if the existing in-app screen that shows the currently active ATC airports had an arrow you could press. Pressing the arrow would show what was scheduled to be active in next hour. Pressing it again two hours, and so on so pilots could clearly see what was planned to be open. Individual IFATC members would be able to put the airports they planned to open on the schedule ahead of time. This would give controllers flexibility but also let pilots look at everything planned to be open in one place.

While I understand that IFATC should be given more freedom, we absolutely need things to be scheduled/posted well in advance. The system above handles both of those problems.


I kinda miss flying into EGLL with 6 ATC active and 255 arrivals in the morning, good times, been feeling like a second training server for awhile.


This Is The Right Answer I think 😀

I’m pleased to see the engagenent continuing! But let’s not be swayed by catchy buzz phrases…

We all need to “be about it”, that’s why the acceptance & agreement of the community is central to the whole ATC simulations success.

But the previous schedule provided the framework and communications that brought people together. It is really over optimistic for sure to expect the community, as individuals and so many different VAs, to be able to effectively pick up that responsibility and coordination, without some overriding, centrally controlled framework.


1, like the ATC Schedule


I’m sorry dude, but at this point, you’re just straight up complaining.


I’ve tried hard to be constructive with suggestions throughout actually. It’s been necessary to point out certain things, which may sound like complaints… But anyway, I’m allowed to complain 😊

I’m not saying bring back the ATC Schedule, that’s clear by now… I’ve just said that we need 1 source of communication, planning and liason between pilots, VAs etc and IFATC, and that should be the responsibility of IFATC leaders, “like the ATC Schedule” was.




And what about a popcorn GIF, that’s usually mandatory by now!

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“Zion hear me” by Morpheus 😂😂😂

Being an ATC is a very stressful job, I’m pretty sure the changes come when several problems ⚠️ arise. We(pilots) don’t hear the complaints of the ATC members, especially when they are miss understood and they are forced to give a report and a bad situation rises then is pilots vs ATC. It may be a simulation for some of you. But this usually happens in real life, when you don’t follow their instructions, they might put you on hold 'till you lose your slot and you as a pilot(captain) have to explain to the company why you were late.

These changes were implemented and I was excited because I thought all the regions would be covered. As Tyler said, let’s give time to understand the changes in full, and some changes take time, and after some time if we are still in the same, as always, IF the team 👥 listen to the community which is a good thing. So let’s enjoy. Cheers

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Adding on to this, we have five new 3D airports coming with 21.2 (Moscow UUDD confirmed), so maybe we’ll see some more traffic in more areas?

Wait, where did we hear that 5 new airports were coming?

Check Infinite Flight’s socials (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and/or the tracking thread if there’s a 21.2 tracking thread yet.

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Here you are.

As of posting this, there is no tracking thread yet.

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Above you can find a few tasks I’m actively working on in our first 30 days of the ATC Region system. The ability to identify featured airports in-app will be an aspect of the ATC schedule which we can integrate while also improving on the previous flaw of a schedule being available to a limited audience here on the forum.

These airports will be chosen by members of the region, not staff, which they commit to staff to the max extent possible. This will offer predictability for pilots who need it while retaining freedom for controllers who don’t.

This topic will now be closed due to a lack of productive dialouge and repetitive ideas with no regard for answers that have already been provided. Constructive feedback is always welcome and I look forward to chatting with any one of you as long as your ideas are focused and consistent.

Whether we want to call it a buzz word or call to action, I encourage us all to be the change we want to see! Many of our IFATC members are already having great success supporting VAs, including their own, simply by starting a dialouge. It takes effort, yes, but the results are worthwhile!

I look forward to bringing many great things to the ATC program in the near future as we rapidly improve on this new way of operating!