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I recently mentioned something similar about having in-app ways of indicating a few featured airports per region each month. This would serve as a small constant for pilot planning purposes. It’s a work in progress.

That said, I think an actual weekly schedule for each region is counter-productive. It’ll fail to take into account many event opportunities and removes a lot of the creative freedom.

Finally, it’s important to remember the common pilot response to regions on an ATC schedule which we experienced just weeks ago. Having a schedule, especially in less popular regions, doesn’t always mean traffic will be plentiful. Had we continued with a schedule to accompany the release of 3D airports I suspect the frustration (for controllers) would be watching all of the traffic favor an uncontrolled 3D airport vs what was scheduled.

Things take time and we’ve already made great improvements internally. Ultimately the release of more airports around the world will be one of the strongest influences on the predictability of pilot and controller location. Thanks again for all the healthy discussion amongst yourselves! ❤️


Ah sorry didn’t know. Thanks.

That could be true, at least in the first weeks. Something new is always very interesting for everyone. I believe after some time people will be interested again in having ATC at non 3D airports, because there are only a few 3D airports, consequently the routes you can fly are limited. To bring back more traffic to non 3D airports an ATC schedule would help a lot, because you would have much more routes (the whole globe lol) to choose from.

And as already indicated above, such a schedule makes it much easier to plan your flights, in my eyes the uncertainty in flight planning is the biggest problem of the new system. And of course 3D airports can be featured as well, if the demand is very high, but I would highly appreciate other regions, or non 3D airports as well.

But nevertheless its great to hear that work is still going on behind the scenes, hopefully some changes will be public very soon.

This game and community is amazing and in my opinion the best game to play. I have been playing for a very long time and have enjoyed it this whole time.
I just have one suggestion,the ATC regions are really confusing and hard to find out which regions are active. The normal ATC schedule was really good and easy to get a hold of. I would always look at which airport is active and when I would fly overnight I would look at the ATC schedule and set a flight flying to the place. With regions now IFATC can just switch airports in less than an hour or 2. It’s way easier if it’s just 1 or 3 airports in a day. So if you can please switch it back to the older ATC schedule I would be honored. Thanks you for your time.😁


This could take a long time to get 3D airports covering every region.

I think if we had a poll now the vast majority of people would favour a return to the old schedules.

If you look at the current situation it is dire, there is so inconsistent ATC activity and it doesn’t even cover all of the 3D airports, it’s always Heathrow, LAX, Edinburgh, SFO. Airports like Auckland or even Sydney have barely been opened.

I can’t see how this will improve any time soon.

A return to the schedules would allow for much more variety of routes people can/will do.


Just so you know there is still an hour minimum requirement on all bravo airports and a half hours on all Charlie delta airports. Also there are a already multiple topics about this.

This has been changed to 30 minutes for all, last week.

Ok, that I agree is kind of a problem…

Not true, we’ve been pretty active opening these airports as Oceanic region controllers. We all lead rather busy lives, we’re trying to be as consistent as possible but unfortunately that isn’t possible always.

It is still “early days” we’ll just have to see how it goes, I do however hope there is more of an attempt by controllers in general to step away from the major hubs. It does get rather boring just seeing EGLL open every time I boot up the app.


I personally don’t see any issues with it. I saw it mentioned somewhere that it allows for spontaneous openings to service inbound group flights/ events.

Being open for an hour at a dead airport just doesn’t make sense, I like being able to keep my activity up without having to commit an hour to a large hub each time

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Also keep in mind, timezones. They are likely opening when you are asleep, regions are currently, for the first month, made up of people who live in that region.

Edit: As controllers begin to want to explore, after the 30 day assignment change period requirement, they may begin to move to regions that are outside of their home region so we can service airports 24/7. That is up to the controllers though if they want to do that.

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Currently there is only 1 airport with ATC, anyone know if any more are opening soon? Just so I can plan my flight and rest of my day😂👍. I have looked at the tracking threads but there’s been no activity on any of them?

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3D airports are already available in every region and those 10 regions are what we will be using moving forward to select which airports are introduced with equal distribution in mind.

I’d say the situation is far from dire and there certainly won’t be a poll, though I appreciate your concern. I’m seeing great activity, recruiting is up, and there is a much greater ability to freely support our VAs and event creators.

You can read up for a few other incoming solutions that I’ve shared! The big goal for me is improved predictability for pilots. Beyond that it has gone well so far. 🙂


Solutions to what? I assume problems, that’s what solutions are normally for.

It would be helpful if you could explain what you see as the problems, rather than just repeating a few vague ideas about creative freedoms, ATC following pilots and such like.

Your last post appears bizarrely out of touch with the real experiences of users, as reported so much now.


My last statement identifies the problem I’m working to resolve and the previously shared solutions shed light on how I intend to do that. The primary problem is some pilot’s inability to predict where ATC will be at any given time. These pilots are primarily our overnight long haulers.

Despite those not in favor of the change being a vocal minority I still very much take their feedback seriously and will work to find ways to make this system accommodating for the way they fly.

If my lack of hysteria equates to being out of touch then I’m not sure I can provide you with a whole lot more comfort and will stop engaging with you. I’m very much aware of the pros, cons, and actively making adjustments less than 30 days in!


I have to admit, I was pretty excited about the new ATC regions but I’m not really feeling it anymore. There’s just very few airports that get controlled and it feels like and there’s no way to guarantee ATC at your destination.

However, I do think a lot of it has to do with the fact that lots of people are flying to airports with 3D buildings and lots of smaller airports without 3D buildings are getting ignored. This will change over time as new airports will be 3D buildings and people will eventually get bored of flying to and from the same airports.

I think it probably would’ve been wiser to wait for more airports to get 3D buildings before getting rid of the ATC schedule.


I would question whether this is just a minority.


Without complete data, it’s not possible to conclude whether it is a minority or a majority. The majority of replies on this thread have shown dissatisfaction with the new change, but that does not speak for the entire community in any way.

Yep, thats true and to figure it out whether its a minority or a majority a poll would be very enlightening


But Tyler said above there would certainly not be any poll…

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