ATC Schedule

Hey guys. I haven’t flown in a while due to life just being busy and stressful. I’ve been wondering where the ATC schedule is because I can’t find it anywhere


Hi, the ATC schedule was discontinued. Now, ATC is assigned to specific regions instead. You can read more here:

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Okay. Thanks. It’s kinda sad to hear that they’ve discontinued it, because I really liked to plan my flights out ahead of time. I found my flight usually the night before and in the mornings before the flight, I would spend around an hour of testing and planning before the flight. It was quite rigorous and detailed I must say 😂. How will I know where ATC will be on that day? Or will I know?


ATC is generally present at busier airports and ones with 3D buildings. You can also browse #live:events which are sometimes staffed by IFATC.

Okay. I just liked to know where to fly that day but I’ll make due! Thanks!


On the home screen it’ll tell you the airports with ATC :)

There are various Expert ATC tracking threads under the #atc category. Keep an eye out there.

Admittedly, they’re a little hard to find and keep a track of - in fact I’d made a topic about it too, to make it easier to be able to see the times when IFATC controllers open airports.


I’m afraid I have real concerns about how the new IFATC system is working. Of course its early days, and the focus has been on a few key airports with the new buildings.

But… I’ve hardly been able to find any ATC to fly with this week, despite being on every day. I have seen the odd opening in certain areas, but nothing has co-ordinated with my time on the app, or by the time I’m ready to fly its all finished!

Generally I find that where the key airports are open, and its mostly in the USA, there are no other open airports within a distance I can fly, and theres no way to be assured that any frequencies will stay open long enough to complete a flight.

I was really pleased to try a FNF tonight… Finally I should be able to plan and complete a flight I thought. So I planned a shortish hop from Sapporo to Tokyo, and I believed that surely the Hub of RJTT would be a reliable choice… Imagine my disappointment when about 20 mins out, all ATC at RJTT finished, leaving me to complete on Unicom, yet again. 😢

I really think there will have to be a rethink of the situation. The idea of regions is great in theory, its the practical aspects that need more consideration I believe.


Its a new one and i like it

Hey 9V-SHH

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@Trey_Weger @mcgregni you are absolutely right here the new system is just not working out I’m an IFATC and I and many other in my team find it really inconvenient since this new system has been introduced, I’ll tell you why…

  1. Like you guys said we cant open any interesting places and be sure to get traffic as we know that to be sure that they get ATC Pilots are likely to fly to big hubs hence the only place that we can sure to get some traffic and not get bored are hubs making it highly repeatative and boring.

  2. With old schedule system we used to explore interesting and less served places because a certain day was assigned to it and hence the traffic being concentrated from ATC POV and a garanteed ATC presence from pilots POV, Because we couldn’t open anywhere else.

  3. As an ATC i liked to open small and less served airports near big hubs to create a nice flow between certain cities (airports) by generating traffic by staying long enough at those small airports, this was very fun and possible with the old schedule system because the traffic was concentrated and people get to experience ATC service all the way long for almost their whole flight but with this new system traffic has spread out and that too not evenly almost everyone is in the USA or Europe west making it impossible to generate traffic at other regions even at bigger hubs.

  4. No matter how many times people say we can make events and group flight to generate traffic it isn’t going to work beacuse as we all know the event just lasts for 2-3 hours max and then agin pin drp silence i mean not everyone is free in that span of 2-3 hours to controll or fly to certain interesting places where the event has been arranged where Usually we dont get traffic with the old schedule thing we had a whole 24 hour in a particular region and everyone was able to fly or control according to their own timetable and not bound by a certain time mentioned in an event created to generate traffic.

  5. Like i said above as well some region are highly underrepresented than others which makes me aad and if this continues the controllers from those region are going to shift to other more popular region as well making things even worse.

All and all this system is really really bad and is not going to work in any capacity as i perceive it, and as I’m currently writing this there are 0 airports open around the world which is hardly seen. I in no way am disrespecting any staff or anything but just that before making such a major change they should have made a vote about this, they can do that for menial things like the aircraft which has to be reworked so why cant for such major change? which is definitely affecting IF’s buisness as we are seeing it!! #plebiscitefirst


A short break from flying and this thread has helped answer the question I was going to ask regarding the schedules - thank you. I’m still trying to work out where the official mapped region assignments are though…

Looks like it’s more of a case of ATC roulette - I’m just mapping up a flight to EGLL and live ATC are at the helm of the tower and ground unexpectedly. Early days yet, but it could help HUBS from being swamped by pilots, but at the same time maybe a lack of clarity. Either way, let’s “approach” it (sorry) positively and it’ll come good when bedded in.

Queen Alia International, Jordanian 111, taxiing to runway 26R 🛫


Agreed. They tried something new and it sucks to me.


I 100% agree with this. Expert Server ATC used to be distinguished and recognizable as serving underrepresented airports.

This new system all but makes Expert Server ATC the new Training Servicer ATC!!


Keep in mind that year’s of work by Tyler and the rest of the team behind the scenes to make this ATC Region Assignment program happen, and it has only been 7 days since the program was launched. So it’s too early to complain or say it’s bad, constructive feedback to help improve things is good though.

This is version 1, there will be improvements and adjustments as we go a long. The groundwork is being laid.

This first week, again it has only been a week, the first few pilots have just begun to realize there isn’t an ATC Schedule anymore.

We’ll be working with VAs to create traffic, servicing community made events, official events, etc. We service the pilots and will go where they go.

The training server doesn’t have a highly skilled and trained team of 500 controllers coordinating efforts, with a leadership structure.


Thanks @Trio. Variety is the spice of life 🕶

It’s kind of like if you were a chef and you were planning to roast a pig for years. Big dream, seemed super far fetched at the time but now it’s reality.

You buy the materials to make the oven, salt, the Apple, watching every tutorial on YouTube, consulting other chefs, creating a large pit in your backyard.

Then just when you say, today is the day. You invite everyone you know within the community as it’s finally time after year’s of planning and coordinating this huge pig roast to finally begin to roast the pig.

Everyone shows up and complains about how raw the meat is.

We haven’t even begun the roast, why are we saying it’s still raw? That’s basically where we are currently 7 days in.


I am Agree with you.

Thanks for Saying On behalf of Team !


I agree with all points of view, however no matter what the circumstances are, pilots are no longer assured that there will be ATC at their destination, except - for most of the time - in hubs and at FNF main destinations, with that new system.

I also have a divided opinion on this new system.
As people have said above, there have only been 7 days since the system has started. Nonetheless, there are, in my opinion, failures that can’t be fixed just by the time, but by changes to the structure of the system. I however remain optimistic as our IFATC Manager has declared that there will be changes to the system - where, idk; what changes, idk either - that will be brought at some point.
On the other hand, the region assignment system permits ATC presence all around the world and not in a specific area for a specific duration. But there are many inequalities as to how many ATCs are assigned to a region: as you can see, the US and Europe-West are regions with massive presence, whereas Africa and Canada are less staffed.

We’ll see how it goes, but I asked Tyler a few days before we got into this new system about it, and he replied that there will be no roll-back. Therefore, expect this change to be definitive - or at least long-term -, get used to it, trust the staff, and wait for changes to come. This current period might be complicated for pilots but it is for ATCs as well, but eventually, maybe it’ll turn out fine, who knows?


With all due respect Kyle, The points I’ve mentioned above wont get disqualified just because you choose to write something philosophical, because afterall it all boils down to the practicalities of implementing such ideas which is clearly seems to be failing.😉