ATC schedule

I maybe missing out but how come there isn’t an ATC schedule.

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You are correct! This has been abandoned and IFATC controllers can now sign up for a region they want to control in. This allows for better traffic flow and more freedom for IFATC controllers. See more below

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Schedules have been replaced by the Regions system now: New ATC Region Assignments


So that means that airports all around the world came be open 24/7?

That is correct!

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For airports open at this moment, you might wanna check out

There’s also region-based ATC tracking threads for Expert ATC under the #atc category as and when controllers open up airports.

On a side note: FNFs, Flash Flights, Whacky Racing and other such official events will still continue as usual.

wow. thx btw.

Idk how i forgot that

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