ATC Schedule

Can we please stop featuring London Heathrow Airport. It’s just always a mess when flying to or from there. Two runways for such a huge Airport is just insane. Every time I try to fly from there i’ll have to wait about 15-20 min. waiting on the Runway. Same thing when landing there. It feels like ATC controller are just overworked.
There are soo many beautiful destination other than London. Why is this Airport featured so often. I’ve been flying for quite some time and I feel like the ATC Schedule is spinnig in a loop with the same Destination after 2-3 Weeks.

I miss some smaller Airports and routs being featured. Some places with an interesting, beautiful or challenging landscape. No Front, but the UK has some of the most boring landscape to fly on…

Maybe we should involve the Community a bit more on the ATC Schedule by voting a number of suggestions.
Do you guys feel the same or am I the only one ?


Smaller airports and routes aren’t gonna be populated by a lot of people. Believe it or not some people like the traffic. Also, if we did an ATC schedule survey then everyone’s just gonna select the mega hubs. Nothing works

I guarantee if we put a poll up right here, right now between EGLL and some smaller airports, EGLL would win.


Im with you, They need to control more destinations. No only London, LAX, and class B airports (well, exept Dublin)


The problem with the schedule is not Tyler, it’s the people flying it. If we had a UK day without Heathrow being featured, what would you think would happen? Loads of people flying from Heathrow to the featured airports and it just becomes a mess which needs controller intervention.

London heathrow is the most overrated airport in existence, yes pretty much worse than JFK/LAX combined

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Dublins actually a class Charlie which is a bit mental don’t ask me why it’s a bit strange 😂

Here’s what Tyler (who obviously makes the ATC schedules) said regarding this a few weeks ago. Many people feel the same way as you do, but the vast majority of pilots still only fly to mega hubs whether they’re on the schedule or not.

This is me, in Heathrow… Sometimes…

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Its not really a bad thing but seriously We need something better and more creative

Yes I also like flying on busy airports. But for me there is a difference between Busy and totally overcrowded. When an Airport has 3 or more Runways it can still fell Busy but Users don’t have to wait for an eternity for Takeoff.

When Voting for ATC Schedule we can put together a smaller List of airports instead of having an open Voting Pole. This way we can prevent people from Voting the Same airports every Week.
Maybe choose the Airport with some Conditions such as difficulty, Scenery or something else

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Why they can´t do a day with only Class C airports instead of Heathrow, LAX, DFW, JFK, Etc??

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Many of the world’s largest airports have two runways. Heathrow, Tokyo Narita, Singapore, Hong Kong. The airport can’t be eliminated from the schedule because it has 2 runways.

The ATC schedule features airports from around the world. If you don’t want to fly to Heathrow, fly to other airports that are in the schedule today.

No need for this comment, you made your point.

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DFW isnt that busy as JFK,LAX,LHR

It had over 200 inbounds, I’d consider it busy.

This has been discussed many times.

If you don’t like the larger airports then simply don’t fly into them, help show that the smaller airports can get some traffic, therefore controllers will want to open them, so they are more likely to be scheduled.

Today EGLL is featured for a good reason, BAVA has been going for 4 years, its a nice gesture thats been made for them. Yes, in the past few weeks its been on the list more than normal, but we did just have the 777 drop so that makes sense.

I’m aware that this is just your opinion, but I would argue that you are going against yourself here, as you clearly haven’t headed up north to enjoy some of the stunning landscapes that the UK has to offer.

When we have ATC choice days the community chooses where they want to fly, and guess what airports get opened, OMDB, EGLL, KJFK and KLAX.