ATC schedule

Of course the one day Dublin is on the atc schedule I’m in school for most of it 😂

not sure why this message needs a own topic :)


You have to see it from a different perspective:

Maybe, in 20 years, you’ll be walking down the street in your home town and a random man asks you how to get to the train station. Just when you want to tell that man how to get there, you’ll notice that his leg is bleeding. You then ask him if everything is okay and if he needs any help. He says that you shouldn’t worry and that everything is alright but you feel like something is wrong. So you ask him again: “Are you sure?”. “Damn it son; just tell me the way to the train station!”, he says. “I’m being chased by secret agents. They won’t leave me alone until I give them all my secrets.”. “That’s terrible!”, you’ll say. “But isn’t there an other way instead of running?”. The man replies “They said that I should give them all my secret information or tell them a code word so they’d know that I’m with the good guys. But I don’t know that code word. It’s an answer to a common knowledge question but I have no clue.”. You’ll then ask him what that common knowledge question is. And after he’ll tell you that question, you immediately remember this day when Dublin was on the ATC Schedule. You’ll know the answer. It’s something you learned in school on this very day. “I know it!”, you’ll say to the man. And you’ll give him the answer. He’ll zell the agents and they’ll leave him alone. You’ll save that man’s life. Just because you went to school today instead of flying at Dublin for the ATC schedule.

Isn’t that awesome? And you still get to fly there after school is over. Have fun!