ATC schedule

Hello. This is just a suggestion to whomever makes the ATC control area if we could get some controlling down in South America. Thanks

The person who makes the ATC schedules is @Tyler_Shelton. Maybe send him a PM with a couple of suggestions!

South America has been featured a couple of times but not as frequently due to the lack of HD Scenery.

Once HD scenery has been added for South America, then South America will probably be featured more.

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Well if you want to have some ATC opened in South America on the Training Server, Message one of the TSATC Virtual staff @Connor .

If you want the ATC opened on the Expert Server, Message @Tyler_Shelton and hopefully your wish will come true some day. Please make sure to give some Information if you do message him. Airport or Airline suggestions, etc.

It was on the schedule a week ago

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Probably don’t.

He’s well aware on the lack of its representation until the scenery is updated.

Once it is, SA will be on the schedule as much as any other, I’m sure.


Thanks for the suggestion! As a few stated, I typically don’t feature it often due to a lack of HD scenery. While there is a demand for this from some, the simple truth is there is very little traffic in these regions which is not only boring for ATC but also for other pilots.

That said, we just featured it this month and will continue to do so in moderation. Once HD scenery for those areas is complete you can absolutely count on it being in the regular rotation and heavily explored right after release. Appreciate the understanding!


Cool thanks

Side note: This is going to be one of the most beautiful areas! It looks incredible so far and we’ll certainly show you all more soon. ☺️

Cheers, @Leifjt.