Atc Schedule

So I know how IFATC selects airports to have as a featured on a certain week like this weeks today is Alaska Airlines but when do they determine this like will it be today or tomorrow and like what time

Tyler will release it soon, he is probably busy. Just be patient 😉

And Tyler chooses it himself and is the genral manager of all ATC here.


It will probably posted in the next hour or so.

It varies from week to week when they release the schedule, but, don’t worry, it is always in time for the following week. I have never seen it released after 2200Z.

It’s normally around 19:00z

ATC Schedule… what’s that? 😈


Just got released:

What a good schedule.

Enjoy! 🙂

Should be a good week for you heavy drivers!


Absolutely! Thursday should be fun😆

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Thank you so much sorry if I pushed I’m doing like a tour long haul thanks to @Luke_Sta I am going to do an around the world type thing with different airlines and do the Infinite flight trip report

Thanks for the great schedule Tyler

No worries! I’m at work on tower/ground so I needed to wait for relief to get it posted up. Enjoy! 🙂