ATC schedule question

On Saturday KSFO is the regional hub but it says “Aircraft size strictly enforced with violations”. However, large aircraft such as the 777 do fly to KSFO IRL. I mean, you can’t stop someone from doing a long haul to KSFO on Saturday…
Some clarification would be appreciated thank you

Hey Philippe! That is mainly for the smaller GA airports listed under GA Commutes that can’t handle very large aircraft.

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Hello Philippe,

I believe that message is for the smaller airports in the region as well such as the airports specifically for general aviation.

Having a 777 at a GA airport would not work too well. If SFO also doesn’t accept light aircraft that could also be size restriction as well.

I don’t believe that size restriction is only limited to big aircraft

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Oh I see. I think I got confused there 😅. This can be closed @moderators.

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