ATC schedule/organization for training server!

Hi all! I have thought about this topic for some time and while there are probably lots of things that would need to be done (logistically) for this to work, I wanted to get the community’s input!

Essentially it is this - some kind of thread to track/post about open airports or even to put together a schedule of some type for ATC services on the training server. I love practicing ATC on training because I don’t have the time to commit to advancing to the expert server right now, but I always wish there was a way to advertise where airports will be open for the public, just like the expert server schedule does. Thus, this… “idea” of mine. I’m interested in seeing what you all think and what you could suggest for something of this nature - and if this already exists, please please point me in the correct direction :).



Lol I was just thinking about this.
This cou,d work but that means. That more trolls would go to that area, which we don’t want

You actually can! For training server ATC, you are able to create a Tracking Thread to let people know if you’re open or not.

You can also use the #live:events category if your putting together an ATC Controlled TS event!

A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread


Thanks! I noticed a few of these but wasn’t sure how useful they ended up being… Would be nice if we could somehow have one big master tracking thread. But this is a great start!!

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True… I thought this too. But figured people on IFC are generally not trolls? I would hope

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You got some that misbehave unfortunately, training server still has quite a few trolls or people who are clueless haha

Oh man… I just made one and I’m not planning on that! I hope it doesn’t get taken down

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Don’t worry! I saw your intentions were to join IFATC. I believe you are able to open one regardless :)

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My bad. I read wrong. Anyone can open a tracking thread, I think.

My intentions are NOT to join IFATC! Is this still acceptable?


Yea, you are! No worries!

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You’re fine, apologies for the scare! That’s on me.

Also, coming back on topic - well, the concept of having airports open with ATC works on the Expert Server because IFATC as an organisation is structured and organised and planned the way it is. That won’t really work on the Training Server, because there’s no fixed organisation in place - and making one right now means having to deal with all the trolls on there.

You could always request for ATC when you make a group flight or an event on the training server and see if anyone responds!

Also the events (FNF, Flash Flights etc.) and some special schedules, more often than not are hosted on ALL servers. Chances are, ATC might also be there!

Also as a side note: Offical IFATC controllers are not allowed to control on the training server.


The IFC people are mostly good, just the unknown we have to worry about

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Does everyone on the training server have global ? because, paying $10 a month cuts down on trolls.

Yes, when you pay for IF pro you get access to the servers and global.

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Is this refers to the ATC schedule on expert, what about ATC Tracking threads? They can’t always keep to a schedule and it’s one of the perks of the TS. If you’re looking for this you should make a #features reuqest.

There have been a number of organizations that have tried to do a training server ATC schedule. Many just fizzle out after an amount of time. The main thing to remember is that people on the TS very well may be learning as well. Both pilots and controllers.


Yeah every time I think of it I stop after realizing how much work it would be to keep it going 😅

So people that troll on the TS pay for Pro just to troll ?

btw, i had an issue today, an ATC controller in LAX kept tell people to go to the wrong runway, not the active one. What do you do in those cases ? btw, currently flying, LAX to RJAA ANA airlines.

If it is on the training server there isn’t anything you can do. Many controllers are still learning the ropes so I recommend not flying to the TS hubs (EGLL, KLAX, KSFO, KJFK)