ATC Schedule Management

Thank you for sharing this Tyler!

Amazing article, Tyler! always wondered how could you get that many schedules without being repetitive. Amazing, we’re greatfull for all your work on the schedules, always letting us know and discover the world :)

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It’s really cool! Thank you for always!

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“I will review all airports to ensure they have been edited in the sim and contain things like ground markings, and parking locations.”

When I was IFACT last year plenty of airports that were selected were up to date and had no parking locations or ground markings

Nice Topic!
Thank you Tyler !

Please add regions for large countries like Russia and China


It’s very interesting !
Thank you very much !

I just found out that my database is linked in the article and this made my day.

Tysm Tyler!

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The professionalism used in this simulation is awesome. I have been using it since it was a solo-only simulator and was pleasantly surprised when it went global. The updates are always a great experience when they come out. Thanks for the continued improvements.

This is very interesting. Great job mate

Great Job! Thanks for sharing!

V/r Tarik

This is amazing, thanks for sharing with us, I’m so happy for be part of IFATC ❤️

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wooow love this comment 😂 masterclass

Awesome! Thanks for the hard work mate!

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Thanks a Lot Tyler for the info. Keep up the great planning. This is why the expert server is great for those who want to fly all over the world with ATC, unlike the Training Server where Heathrow is always given priority while other airports are neglected

Thanks a lot Ty! This is really helpful. I have always wondered how one day I see the ATC is in Miami and the next day ATC is in Dubai! haha

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