ATC Schedule Management

Intetesting read and answers a lot of questions

Thank you. I want a program or a site to determine the path of a trip

في جمعة، 5 مارس، 2021 في 7:38 م، كتب Tyler_Shelton via Infinite Flight Community <>:

I’ve always wondered about this! Very interesting

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Thanks a lot for sharing Tyler. I think that featuring underrated places is good for the sim :)

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Thank you for the insight into your work. I think your procedure will be beneficial knowledge for the community going forward.

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If is amazing thank you for this article

It’s give me the strength to joint the IFATC

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Ah ha! Thank you for writing this fascinating piece Tyler!

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great article

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Awesome to have an insight into the “Behind The Scenes” of IFATC.

Thanks Tyler! :)

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@Tyler_Shelton Wow, quite impressive ! Thank you a lot Tyler for sharing and for all you make for the ATC community 👏🏻😊

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That is dedication at its finest! Thank you Tyler!

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Awesome article Tyler!

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Awesome article Tyler! To be honest, I was really curious how you do the programming! Now you have killed my curiosity, thank you very much! And keep doing great making interesting schedules!

Great article Tyler!

Awesome article Tyler - seems like an extremely complex process taking everything into account! 👏

That banner looks real nice! 😏

It’s the highlight of every VA Events/Route Manager’s Sunday 😄

Thanks for putting so much passion and effort into it

Great stuff. I think the IFATC schedule is the most anticipated thing on the IFC besides something to do with an update. I think each sunday begins with me checking the IFC for the newest IFATC schedule, even if i may not always be able to control a week - it gives me an idea of what i want to fly when given the free time.


Nice article @Tyler_Shelton :)!

Really nice post!

Thanks for your many years of service to the IFATC’s and this forum. Everything you do, you do with passion and precision. It shows, with everything, including the weekly schedule. It’s not hard to see that much thought and creativity goes into this, trying to find ways to explore the world in a fun way.

Thanks! 🌷


I control every day, and believe me when I say that I appreciate the diversity! I love it when things get switched up a bit, even if it affects traffic, still worth it in my eyes. Thank you for your dedication to the schedule, Tyler, it’s nice to see how carefully it’s created! I’m thankful that we’ve come to revolve our days around the schedule, otherwise, I’d probably have no mind of my own when it comes to controlling or flying, haha.