ATC Schedule Management

Blog article by Tyler Shelton

Have you ever wondered how the Infinite Flight ATC Schedule is built each week? It’s not as random as one may think and can be the driving force behind the discovery of your next favorite route or fun with friends. My name is Tyler. I’m ATC Community Manager for Infinite Flight and here’s how I create them!

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Thanks for sharing @Tyler_Shelton 😎✈️


This is amazing, Tyler! I’ve always wondered how you create 52 of these a year. Thank you for sharing and for all your hard work! ❤️


That’s actually cool i always wondered how it was constructed


Cool article, Tyler! It’s nice to know what goes into where we fly every week. 🙌


Super cool article @Tyler_Shelton!!
Thanks for the share! 😎

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This one’s interesting. I admire how you’re able to do this weekly for years. Always glad to be amongst those carrying out the weekly schedules as efficiently as possible.

Thank you for the share. Cheers!

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No way! The legend himself! So cool! Thank you 😁

I’ve always noticed that Richmond always gets featured every August, so I kinda new there was some type of pattern 👀

Thank you Tyler! :)

Thanks for sharing @Tyler_Shelton

That’s really nice to know how it’s done. Thanks Tyler.

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

My enthusiasm for the ATC Schedule has been huge over the past years, since Global launched, as you Tyler. Therefore it’s very interesting and enjoyable to read your blog post regarding how everything comes about, from the planning to sharing the schedule, and what airports, airlines and other fun details that are added.

Love the work you put into making these for us, each and every week, for sure, and I know we’ll get many more unique and but also many classic hub-to-hub with major airlines kind of schedules to come. But I for one still stand by my words, that the weekly ATC Schedule is still the number one reason, that kept me flying in Infinite Flight, and will keep me in the air for the years to come ❤


Cheers for giving us a behind-the-scenes look into what goes into creating each ATC Schedule, Tyler. It’s really cool reading how you manage to put these together week after week; thank you for the interesting read!

Appreciate all your hard work and efforts!

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Hey Tyler!

Thanks for sharing this, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as it’s amazing how you create the schedule each week and it’s always interesting.

Thanks for making the schedule and all the work that goes into it, really appreciate it!


Thanks for telling your little secret on how you do it each week @Tyler_Shelton!

Looks amazing Tyler

Very nice tyler

That was what attracted me to this simulator in the app store, the Air Traffic Control.

Thank you for managing this every week and for letting me be a part of it.