ATC Schedule Ideas


I am making this thread to generate some ideas for ATC. It kinda looks like they might be running out of ideas since we’ve been to Australia so many times in the past few months, so maybe this would help.

Feel free to add ideas or comment below.

Midwest Flyout
Celebrate Southwest Airline’s expansion into the midwest with new and growing focus cities!

  • St. Louis (KSTL)
  • Kansas City (KMCI)
  • Dallas Love Field (KDAL)
  • Milwaukee (KMKE)
  • Nashville (KBNA)
    Southwest Airlines (B737, B738)

Northern Lights
Fly from Iceland to Ireland and beyond!

  • Reykjavik (BIKF)
  • Dublin (EIDW)
  • Belfast City (EGAC)
  • Cork (EICK)
    Iceland Air (B757) Aer Lingus (A330, A321)

Boston Takeover
Delta has just announced Boston as a new hub! Let’s put Delta to the test with their biggest routes from Boston.

  • Boston (KBOS)
  • New York (KJFK)
  • Washington National (KDCA)
  • Detroit (KDTW)
    Delta Air Lines (A319, A320, A321, B738, B739 NO MAJOR AIRCRAFT FLYING DOMESTICALLY) Delta Connection (CRJ7, CRJ9, E190)

Into India
India has a lack of attention :/

  • New Delhi (VIDP)
  • Mumbai (VABB)
  • Bengaluru (VOBL)
  • Kolkata (VECC)
  • Dhaka (VGHS)
    Air India (any aircraft)

Those are just a few ideas. Put your ideas or comment on any down below. Thank you :)

@Tyler_Shelton crafts the ATC schedule week by week as fairly as possible. The airports often move from day to day to allow for diversity. Im sure he would appreciate it if you PMed him these suggestions instead!


If you look back through, generally all of these have been featured within the last couple weeks. VABB and VIDP, for example, a whole two days ago.

But I won’t argue with KSTL…


PSA: If this ever happens, Tim will be controlling all 5 frequencies for every second possible. Just saying


What are you trying to say?

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Tbh we haven’t had an Australia FNF for at least 6 months and a year since we last had one on the east coast of Australia (Melbourne and not Sydney yet). Tyler and Misha are well aware of this so let’s see what they do, I definitely don’t think they have a dearth of ideas or anything


Australia has been featured weekly numerous times though! You don’t need an FNF to have your airport featured.

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They certainly aren’t running out of ideas. There’s only so many regions you can feature where people will actually fly. You’ll notice that some regions have more attention then others.

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Thanks for the feedback. Comments like the one above make it difficult to accept this as valid feedback when this week’s schedule literally has airports and regions such as the ones listed.

There’s tons of great ideas and themes I’d love to try, however it’s a two way street. I will only schedule what’s proven to generate traffic and engagement.

On several occasions, yesterday included, I’ve featured GA, Corporate, or even obscure airlines. They rarely generate traffic or people still flock to the main HUBs, in some cases even if they have no ATC. That’s rather disheartening to me and the controllers. Today is a great example as well! Plenty of GA airports staffed and most of the ramps I saw had airliners and heavies trying to make their way out.

If you wish to see more diversity, vote with your attendance. I’ve got plenty I’d love to schedule but actions speak louder than words.

I’ve got your feedback saved and will continue to rotate in different areas of the world! 🙂