Atc schedule for training server

I think it will be a good idea if one week instead of having the atc schedule on expert server , we could have it on training
That would be nice for people not yet able to access expert

Thank you

If I were to imagine this, I would think of too much trolling.🤷‍♂️


This wouldn’t work. Not all TS1 atcs are pros at controlling. If there was a certified TSATC then maybe but it don’t think it could work. You also have to know that in this server people can control anywhere they want without restriction. It’s a training server.


So many people would ignore ATC due to trolling or not quite experienced enough with ATC. It’s bad enough at EGLL already😂

There you got your schedule. @Trio


For some time, ATC schedules for Training server were announced here on IFC, in the same format as we have for Expert. The problem is that many controllers on Training are not here on IFC, and they open what they want (mostly the obvious airports, such as KLAX).
I haven’t see these Training Server ATC schedules for some time now; I suspect this is for the above reason.

Here’s an example of a schedule I write about:


Hello @The_infinite_pig29, the ATC Education Group follows the week’s ATC schedule that is pinned at the top of every page on the forum. Check out our featured airports that we are training at today below! 🙂


TSATC was discontinued due to little controllers participating. As a result they couldn’t keep the schedules going and just stopped all together. I doubt we will see any certified TSATC ever again.

We may… We may…

Totally not hinting anything.

The IFATC schedule is also designed to allow for controllers to follow it on the training server. There won’t be an official Infinite Flight one just for that server though (:

As to see above, there are non-FDS schedules for the training server that are great!