ATC Schedule Confusion

So, I’ve recently joined the expert server and I realized that every day there will be full ATC at certain airports. I know this through the ATC Schedule for this month (ATC Schedule | July 2023). However, it seems this schedule isn’t completely accurate. For example, today (July 10, 2023) the airports that are supposed to have ATC are Eppley Airfield (KOMA), Lambert St Louis (KSTL), Fort Collins Loveland Municipal (KFNL), Hector (KFAR), and Purdue University (KLAF). However, at the moment I am posting this, the only airports that have ATC are San Francisco (KSFO), Los Angeles (KLAX), New York (KJFK), St. Louis (KSTL), Las Vegas (KLAS), and Monterey (KMRY). As you can see out of the airports that are SCHEDULED to have ATC, St. Louis is the only one there. Can someone please explain?


Those airports are small and not fun to control, they get little traffic and controllers would just be bored, IFATC controllers are allowed to do any airport they want

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The ATC Schedule is a featured selection of airports to be used for the day. Quite often when the featured airports don’t have many long-haul routes, people often fly to other airports with a better selection of routes.

For today’s an example, the only notable (realistic) long haul to the featured airports is FRA-STL, with the Lufthansa A330. As many people may require different timings or interests for their choice of route, the majority chose to fly into LAX.

As mentioned above, controllers have no requirement to control the featured airports in the schedule, meaning that they are more likely to control the airports with more traffic (being LAX, SFO, etc). It’s a little unfortunate when wanting to represent the smaller/less busy airports, although ultimately it’s at the control of the community of where they wish to fly and control! :)


Come visit me I’m controlling KSTL right now lol.

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